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Explore Reorganization with Chapter 13 Bankruptcy. Tailored plans for gradual debt repayment, addressing credit cards, cars, homes, and taxes. Secure financial stability with our expert guidance.

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Discover the power of Chapter 13 Bankruptcy at the Offices of Laila Gonzalez. Our service focuses on empowering individuals with a Reorganization approach, allowing for gradual and manageable repayment of debts. In most cases, clients pay only a portion of their credit card balances, and the flexibility of Chapter 13 extends to addressing specific financial obligations such as cars, homes, and tax debts. Count on our seasoned team of bankruptcy attorneys to navigate the complexities, ensuring each client receives a tailored plan for effective debt relief.

Optimize the benefits of Chapter 13 with our expert guidance at every step. Our skilled bankruptcy attorneys specialize in keeping Chapter 13 plan payments as low as possible, ensuring a smooth and efficient case. Whether you aim to tackle credit card debts or manage repayments for significant assets like cars and homes, our dedicated team is here to provide personalized solutions. Take advantage of our free consultations to explore whether Chapter 13 is the right choice for your financial situation, and let us guide you toward a path of debt relief and lasting financial stability.

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Decades-long expertise ensures tailored solutions for clients' unique financial challenges.


Guidance and advocacy empower clients to regain control and build a brighter financial future.


Proven track record delivers successful outcomes, empowering clients to achieve financial stability.

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"My experience was great. Dania made me feel comfortable and explained everything well. I felt like a client not a number"


“I liked the way Laila Gonzalez explained to me all the process.  He gave me all the time I needed.”


"I am very Happy with the service with lawyer Laila Gonzalez. All staff very professional and attentive. I got the best service with them. I am very thankful for everything they did for me."


"Agradecemos a la firma de abogado por su excelente trabajo y su atención en todo momento en nuestro proceso de bancarrota."


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At The Offices of Laila Gonzalez, we offer personalized attention and expert guidance throughout your bankruptcy journey. With decades of experience, our dedicated team ensures you receive the support and advocacy you deserve.


Decades of combined experience ensure knowledgeable guidance and effective solutions for your bankruptcy journey.


Compassionate assistance and personalized attention to guide you through every step of the process.

Unlock Your Debt-Free Tomorrow with Chapter 13

Ready for a brighter financial future? Schedule a free consultation with our Chapter 13 experts. Explore personalized solutions for manageable debt repayment and set the course for a debt-free tomorrow.

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Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Chapter 7 bankruptcy is an ideal solution, for the right person. The goal in a Chapter 7 bankruptcy is to discharge all debts and keep all of the property you wish to keep.

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Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

A Chapter 13 Bankruptcy is also known as a “Reorganization” and gives a person the opportunity to repay his or her debts manageably over time.

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Our Process



Assess your financial situation with our experienced attorney to determine the best course of action.



Develop a personalized debt relief plan tailored to your needs and goals with our guidance.



Take decisive action to implement your debt resolution strategy with the support of our legal team.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Chapter 13 Bankruptcy, and how does it differ from Chapter 7?

Chapter 13, often called Reorganization, allows individuals to manageably repay debts over time, while Chapter 7 focuses on discharging debts. Chapter 13 involves a tailored plan, often paying only a portion of credit card debt, and allows for the repayment of assets like cars, homes, and taxes.

How long does a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy plan typically last?

Chapter 13 plans typically last three to five years, allowing for a gradual and structured repayment of debts. The duration depends on various factors, including income, expenses, and the specific debts involved.

Will I lose my home or car in Chapter 13 Bankruptcy?

No, Chapter 13 is designed to help individuals keep their homes and cars. The flexible repayment plan allows for the retention of significant assets while addressing other financial obligations.

Can I modify my Chapter 13 plan if my financial situation changes?

Yes, Chapter 13 plans are flexible. If your financial circumstances change, our experienced attorneys can help modify the plan, adjusting payments or addressing new challenges to ensure its effectiveness throughout the repayment period.

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